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Chances for Face-to-Face Interactions in Relationships

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Finding opportunities for face-to-face communication can be difficult. But in some cases, setting aside time to promote face-to-face communication is crucial. Consider the following:

• Be accessible. Maintain open lines of communication. Make sure anyone who might need to get in touch with you knows how to do so, whether through a work or cell phone, etc. Spend time talking, asking questions, and having thoughtful conversations when you are together.

• Be trustworthy in your relationships. Emphasize your relationships. Relationships are ongoing projects. It cares and works to develop. No matter how busy you are, create specific periods in your calendar to spend meaningful time together.

• Create a structure. Making time for meaningful talks in an environment free of distractions is a necessary component of good communication. Set aside time for in-person conversations. Establish a weekly meeting schedule so that you can catch up and talk about any new difficulties.

• Consider requiring at least one dinner per week for the entire family without phone calls or visiting friends. During this time, family members can discuss current events and pay attention to each other.

• Seize the occasion. When you have a chance, catch up with them, albeit this could call for some spontaneity. It’s nearly always a good idea to converse while driving, and ordering a pizza to share on a quiet night in at home is another option for catching up.

• Remove all distractions. Reducing distractions such as computers, telephones, radios and televisions creates an environment conducive to dialogue. When you have the opportunity to communicate authentically, try not to spend all your time on email, a newspaper, or a book.

• Change the date and stick to it. Explain why you can’t participate in a conversation if someone wants to chat about something when you can’t give them your entire attention. Then, agree on a time to speak later.

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