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Importance of Positive Outlook in Marriage

Are you a Tennessee resident or are you getting married in Tennessee and you want to save $60 on your Tennessee marriage license? With our notarized certificate following the completion of our four hour Tennessee Premarital Course, you can do just that for just $27.97! We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success, and want to help you have a more positive outlook towards your future spouse. Check out what we have to say about the importance of Positive Outlook in marriage bellow:

Just like we know that a positive attitude can improve one’s reactions to life in general, research has found that those with a “positive lens”, or positive outlook, toward their partner created a substantial positive difference in their relationship toward the positive compared to those with a negative lens or negative perspective. A fundamental principle of maintaining a Positive Outlook in your relationship is to let your partner influence you. The goal is for both individuals in the relationship to share a perception that is favorable, creative, and innovative for true opportunity to flourish. With a steady important positive outlook in marriage, partners typically give their partner the benefit of the doubt when their spouse or partner makes a mistake. And when their partner does something pleasing, the partner on the receiving end sees this behavior as confirmation that their partner is a great person. It has been found that when couples are in the positive perspective, they give their partner the benefit of the doubt.

On the other hand, partners are hypersensitive and take things far more personally when they are looking at things negatively. However, relationships with frequent instances of hurt, misunderstanding, rage, disappointment, unfair accusations, impatience, and personal attacks tend to view things negatively. As a result, they start to consider leaving, striking back at them, or defending themselves. Having a negative outlook causes a relationship to deteriorate. When a spouse behaves unfairly or inappropriately, one tends to see it as further evidence that their relationship is unreliable or not the proper person for them. You can keep a positive outlook on marriage by accepting influence, showing your mate affection and adoration, and turning towards them.

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