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The Best Venues for a Fall Wedding in Tennessee

Are wedding bells ringing this Fall season? Are you a Tennessee resident or are you getting married in Tennessee and you want to save $60 on your Tennessee marriage license? With our notarized certificate following the completion of our four hour Tennessee Premarital Course, you can do just that! We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success. Be sure to check out some of the best wedding venues in the State of Tennessee for this coming Fall:  

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The Meadows in Monterey

The Meadows in Monterey is a new wedding venue that’s perfect for planning an outdoor fall country-style wedding with a barn. The venue is on 67 acres of meadows, rolling hills, lakes, and ponds. The rustic charm of the countryside combined with the vintage style of “The Barn” offers a unique setting with 4,900-square-foot structure and features nine chandeliers, ceiling fans, restrooms, and a kitchen. The barn itself accommodates up to 300 guests two restrooms and a full kitchen. A bridal suite, groom’s cabin, and rehearsal time are included in the venue rental. 

Dogwood Meadows

Let Dogwood Meadows lead the way with your Fall wedding by setting up your special day amongst beautiful mountains and the rolling hills of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau. Sitting on 150 acres, the barn also provides views of Black Mountain and Renegade Mountain. A hand-built arbor sits on top of the hill for a memorable setting for your ceremony. At Dogwood Meadows, you get excellent service, plenty of space for your guests and amenities.

Pleasant Hill Vineyards

Gardens and vineyards are your perfect Fall-color backdrop when you book your wedding at Pleasant Hill Vineyards. The dreamy surroundings of the Great Smoky Mountains on this historic Tennessee farm will be sure to enhance your special day. Since the early 1700s, Pleasant Hill Vineyards also grows and makes their own wines on-site. With more than 40 weddings planned and successfully executed at this venue, you can rest easy knowing you’re in well-trained hands at Pleasant Hill Vineyards. 

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